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Legal Professionals

Legal Professionals

Global Infosys is a specialist legal bookkeeping firm for legal professionals. We provide SRA compliant bookkeeping and accountancy services, legal bookkeeping and VAT Returns.

  • Are you behind with your legal bookkeeping?
  • Are you feeling anxious because your legal bookkeeper has left you?
  • Does your bank require you to send information about how your practice is performing?
  • If the above is you then we can help you get back on top of things.


New clients quote ‘WEB30’ when you speak to us and get 30% off your first month


How we can help you …

  • We have a large team of legal bookkeepers supervised by a team manager who is allocated to your account. Hence there are no sick days off and no delays.
  • We process your legal bookkeeping data remotely on a daily or weekly basis to meet your business needs and have up-to-date information at your fingertips.
  • We provide regular support to ensure that you have access to live data on your client and office accounts and that these accounts are reconciled within the limits specified.
  • By helping you to keep legal bookkeeping and accounting records of an exceptionally high standard, we help you to ensure that your compliance requirements are met and thereby minimise the chance of a Solicitors’ Regulation Authority (SRA) inspection.

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