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How to communicate the change to clients?

How to communicate the change to clients?

It is up to you how much you tell clients about us doing your accounts work for you. Many of our clients don’t feel the need to tell clients that we are actually preparing their accounts for them.

If you are planning on using us to do bookkeeping work for you, we have found that it makes sense to let the client know we are doing the work for you because:

  • There is a high level of queries which if we don’t speak to the client directly can create a bottleneck

  • It helps the communication flow faster, which can be important as this work is often time sensitive.

  • If you choose to communicate the change to clients, particularly for book keeping and whole accounts dept outsourcing work we recommend telling clients this:

  • We can offer a high level of service whilst still giving you competitive fee quote because we are using outsourcing

  • Quality of outsourced work has been consistently high

  • The work is reviewed at least twice before being sent out

  • They will have a named contact in Indian to liaise with directly who works in UK office hours. Just the same as if they had their book keeping work done in the UK

  • In addition to the Indian named contact, they will always have a GI account manager to talk to in the UK

  • How to communicate the change to clients?

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