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We’re hiring. Want to work for us?


Global Infosys is a rapidly growing company. Just in the last six months we have grown so much we are 6-8 months ahead of where we planned to be. This means we are always on the look out for good people.

Our staff retention ratings have been exceptional over the years and the many staff testimonials will validate the fact that we take great pride in looking after ‘our people’, in respect of remuneration and further job prospects within the company.

As a GI staff member you will be working in a friendly and positive environment with excellent career opportunities for professional advancement and personal growth. All our team leaders and departmental heads have been trained and inducted to the very highest standards of team management and inevitably, our ongoing success has to be accredited to the excellent staff we are privileged to have on board.


We’re looking for people who are passionate about business, determined to deliver the highest levels of service, and want to make a difference in the world of accounts outsourcing. We’re thinking bright, talented, curious, fast-learning, flexible, analytical and with excellent attention to detail! If you think you’ve got what it takes then we’d like to hear from you. Please see the current vacancies listed below and contact us by sending your CV and work experience to careers@giinfosys.com

Global Infosys is an equal opportunities employer

We are currently hiring for positions in our UK and INDIA office.

UK Office Positions


India Office Positions

  • Assistant Manager 
  • Reviewer 
  • Processor 

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