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Client Stories

Client Stories

Find out what our clients have to say about us

We’ve been leading the way for over 15 years offering quality support services and have been praised by many accountancy firms and SMEs. We help to free up over 3000 people’s time whilst saving them money, that is why we are trusted by over 90 UK accountancy firms including, 18 in the top 100 and 3 in the top 20 to work with their clients. Our service is simple and efficient but why take our word for it? Read our clients reviews below and watch the video testimonials to see how we’ve helped them and how we could help you.

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Partner of UK Top 50 Accountancy practice.


“We have partnered with Global Infosys Ltd for almost seven years and seen significant work flow efficiencies through outsourcing.Their involvement and services are of the highest standard, delivering proven results for us in a cost effective manner.See more.Managing the transition process from one piece of major operating software (Viztopia), to a more efficient system (Caseware), would be a huge undertaking for any firm.Global Infosys Ltd demonstrated their professionalism and understanding of our business needs by successfully moving over to Caseware from Viztopia, without missing a beat. They also got up to speed with training and follow up in record time. I have no problems endorsing their fine work for our practice and look forward to our continued working partnership in the future.”Hide This Content

Managing Director of a Retail Distributor in London


“We have been utilising the services of Global Infosys in a variety of our businesses. We have found them to provide an excellent service to us, incorporating full Bookkeeping and payroll services. See more.Initially we did have fears about outsourcing, as we had reservations about the levels of communication and being able to work efficiently with the team in India.Thankfully our expectations have been surpassed, the experience and professionalism of the Global Infosys team quickly dissipated any fears. They helped us finally break free of a back log in Bookkeeping allowing us to focus on running the day-to-day business. The increased efficiency and up to date financials and reports have greatly contributed to our success as it has enabled us to have a better awareness of the state of the business and make the correct decisions going forward. The capacity the service provides is reassuring, especially as we seek to continue growing the business. We know Global Infosys is there to support our growth aspirations and in this sense have confidence that we have the right infrastructure and support in place to plan for the future.”Hide This Content

Managing Partner Canada based Accountancy practice.


“It gives me great pleasure to confirm our satisfaction with your company’s services during the last eighteen months or so. When I visited your offices I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of your surroundings. Your offices are modern, clean and well equipped to service the needs of an international clientele. We have never experienced any delays in your services due to equipment or infrastructure failure.See more.We are very pleased with the quality of the output produced by your team. We particularly appreciate the fact that you try to assign our work to the same member of your team, to the extent possible. We realize that we are probably your only Canadian customer, yet, you and your team became very quickly familiar with our accounting and tax requirements. I am sure that some of these are unique to our country. Working with your office allowed us to become more efficient in the delivery of services to our clients. Although we have not reduced our staffing level (as this has not been our motivating factor in outsourcing to your office), we are able to increase our turnaround time. This reduces costs and increases efficiency. We made our clients aware of the fact that some of their work may be executed in India and we have had no resistance from them.”Hide This Content

Managing Director – Vehicle Sales in Finchley Centre.


“The quality of service and information I receive on a monthly basis is quite impressive. I no longer have to spend long hours worrying and producing accounts myself when I know I have the comfort of GI who provide me all the information I require as and when needed.See more.Recently the company entered into an exclusive dealership with Chrysler to service and repair their cars, whereby my company had to generate a monthly report to Chrysler, which required specific information. GI had never produced the types of reports that Chrysler required. However, with your expertise of the car industry, a monthly report specifically tailored for Chrysler was produced and is now currently being sent on time on a monthly basis together with my monthly management packs without any problems. I highly recommend GI for their professionalism and knowledge of the car industry.”Hide This Content

Director – Pharmacy Group in Luton.


“I was so impressed with the quality and timeliness of the work generated by GI that I recently organised a local study group meeting inviting GI to present their accounting services to other local pharmacists. Outsourcing the Bookkeeping services has enabled me to expand my chain of pharmacies and enabled me to focus on the day-to-day activities.See more. I highly recommend GI’s professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency in dealing and resolving all financial matters.”Hide This Content

Director – Londis Shop in London

“I have dealt with GI for many years. The information and advice I receive from you is of high quality, which has led me to make many important decisions about my business. I am so impressed with the level of service I receive that I wouldn’t really want to go anywhere else. I am comfortable with GI looking after my financial matters.”

Senior Manager – Accountancy practice in Bournemouth

“I am extremely impressed with the professionalism exhibited by Global Infosys over five years. I always find their service to be efficient, with a strong commitment to quick response times in delivering their final product. Through the on-going use of Global Infosys we have increased profitability and gained valuable time.”

Director – UK PLC Company

“I have no hesitation in recommending you. You provide an effective and efficient accountancy service without compromising on quality. I highly recommend GI for their excellent professionalism and attitude towards their clients.”

Partner – Solicitor firm in London

“I was so impressed with GI because within 3 months they uncovered our historic backlog and provided an accurate set of accounts on time.

Partner – Pharmacy in London

“Having decided to outsource our accounting functions to Global Infosys, we found the handover seamless and have benefitted from the quality of financial information available on a timely basis upon which to make sound financial decisions, whilst managing a growing business.”





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